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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Installation on Linux using WINE

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This is to start off the section by reporting success, not problems. Osteoware seems to install well under Wine, a runtime environment that allows to run Windows programmes on Unix systems (like Linux or Macintosh). I have tried this on an Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) system, with Wine 1.3.28, and all seems to work well. Of course, I have not done any extensive testing. But data manipulation in Osteoware works and I can access all data from the Advantage Data Architect.

The Wine c drive is loacated in a hidden folder within your personal folder at the following address:


You can make hidden folders visible by hitting the key combination Ctrl+H. Extract the Osteoware folder to this directory and start the ProtMenu2.exe file from there, using the Wine Windows Program Loader. Osteoware will start as it would do under Windows.

To install the Advantag Data Architect, just initiate the arc32.exe file from anywhere, also using the Wine Windows Program Loader. The installation routine will be the same as in Windows. After installation, the programme will be registered with Ubuntu like any other package.

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Excellent news Felix!  Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your experience.

If we have any future issues with Osteoware and Linux, we will be sure to contact you.

I can also confirm that Osteoware and Advantage Data Architect run perfectly on Windows 7 64 bit operating system using a Bootcamp partition on a Macintosh computer.