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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Osteoware on a Windows 8 tablet

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Does anyone know if Osteoware will install on a Windows 8 tablet? I am going to buy one for my fieldwork, and I want to make sure I can use the program before I do. Thanks!

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Hello eliz.

That's a good question, but if Imay answer a question with a question, what will be the expected screen resolution?

I know people have successfully used Osteoware with net books (very small laptops), but the screen size on the very small ones would not allow the full window of the data entry screen to be visible, and at this time we don't have scroll bars (but coming soon).

While I do not have direct experience with Win8, there was no issue with running Osteoware on Win7 64 bit, so expect no problems.

I will look into it, but hope somebody can answer your question sooner.

Happy Holidays!

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