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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Problems with Advantage Data Architect

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I recently finished analyzing a messy commingled site and had a few problems I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced.

First, I recorded a few skeletons as ambiguous until I could look at the metrics for the site overall and decide if I could make better classifications. Ultimately, I changed a couple of the sexes to "prob male" or "prob female." However, one of these individuals didn't get changed in the ADA which then gave me the ambiguous sex classification in all my queries. The same thing happened with a complete record I deleted.

Second, when I added individuals to burials (A, B, etc.), all the pathology observations for the original burial number (that without the A or B) were duplicated to the additional individuals in the query results even though that information wasn’t in their individual records. Is that supposed to happen? Because it really made sifting through the query results difficult and time-consuming.

Is there some way to fix these problems or do I just need to be aware of them and deal with them in all the query results? Any advice would be appreciated—and it would also be nice to know if anyone else had these problems so I know it’s not just me!


Donna M

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Hi Donna,

This is not something we've experienced in the lab here, and I will look into it further.