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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

exporting data into Excel spreadsheets cuts off summary section

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When I try to export a table (e.g. Age/Sex) from Advantage Data Architect to Excel, a hidden character limit cuts off whatever is contained in the summary/notes section of Osteoware for this module.  Can this be avoided/corrected?  The comments section helps when interpreting the summary age and sex columns exported with it.





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Yes, I know the Excel limitation to the text field (!) it is a Microsoft problem.  I suggest that if you need any Osteoware text field that you export into Word rather than Excel. 

Advantage exports the complete text string into a Word Table format, and you simply adjust column widths to suit a report format.  Use Excel to sort and analyze your numerical data, and to export to stats programs.

I hope this workaround resolves your issue.

Edit: look into the link provided by Martin Bond below (thank you Martin), although it discusses the issue as it pertains to Excel and Access databases, while Osteoware uses Advantage Data Architect.  However, same problem, Excel limits import to 255 characters...