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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Once Advantage Data Architect is installed, cannot edit tables

We are working to install both Advantage Data Architect and Osteoware on a single server which we access via remote desktop. We have not had any trouble installing Osteoware, but when I installed ADA, only one user (me) was able to edit the Osteoware CaseListProtInvt table. I cannot figure out how to give someone else the proper rights to be able to edit the table. So we tried another tack - to deinstall everything and have another user install both programs, to see if it would recognize her as the system administrator for both. Now she cannot install ADA - we keep getting a rights error (error #1925) when she tries. She is a system administrator on the server.

Has anyone had this sort of issue installing ADA before? Is there a trick to giving rights/permissions for another user to edit the tables? Thank you for any suggestions!

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Hello sgperry,

Is your desired configuration for the purpose of remote access/dataentry to Osteoware from the field?  It is an interesting idea.

Generally speaking the common configuration is to have only the database tables reside on the server, and Osteoware and Advatage are installed on the client computer.  They then access the tables on the server via network connection.

Your user rights issues may have something to do with Windows security permissions for the database table folder on the server.  But why she cannot install ADA afterwards seems to indicate some operating system account setting.

Apologies that I cannot be more helpful, but again, I think the issue may be security/account related.

Please do let me know any developments, since this is potentially a very useful approach.