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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Adding a data entry scroll bar

Hi!  I recently downloaded Osteoware to my netbook with the intention of using this small, portable device in the field or in the Pod at MSC.  However, I have run into a viewing problem.  The size of the netbook screen is considerably smaller than most desktops or laptops, and there is no way to adjust the size of the Osteoware data entry windows or to scroll up and down.  As a result, the bottom portion of my Osteoware windows are cut off and unaccessable, including the very important "save" button.  I think adding a scroll bar to the right hand side of the various windows would very easily solve this problem and make Osteoware usable on the smaller computers.


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Submitted by DUDARC on

An excellent suggestion, actually a must have feature for netbook users. 

In our defense, Osteoware was conceived before there were any netbooks, and none of us have them at the moment, so it never was raised as an issue.   This can and will be resolved.

Thank you for posting Kristen, and welcome to the forum!

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Im having a similar problem attempting to open Osteoware on my tablet pc.  The resolution is rather small (tablet is only about 8inches across). Any suggestions?



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Submitted by DUDARC on

Hello again,

Some people who attended the 2012 Osteoware workshop at the PPA in Portland, OR, had Osteoware installed on netbooks and managed to resolve the issue by adjusting screen resolution.

Please give this a try, though I know some less expensive netbooks may not allow this adjustment. 

Please post the type of hardware you are using and what screen resolution is supported.


Thank you!