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Dr. Chris Dudar (right), and Dennis Flammenbaum of Archaeological Services Inc., Toronto, excavate a dual grave feature at the Elmbank pioneer cemetery []
Dr. Joe Hefner excavates a bunker site searching for MIA U.S. Service personnel in Quang Tri, Vietnam, 2011.
Erica Jones captures craniometric data into the Smithsonian Institution Osteoware database with the aid of a MicroScribe G2X and the 3Skull program.
Dr. Dawn Mulhern excavates in Egypt with the Howard University Giza Project. See: Mulhern D.M. Int J Osteoarchaeology 15:261-275, 2005.
Claire O’Brien assists local Bosnian and Croatian authorities in the excavation of human remains of individuals missing since the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s.
Architectural plan of Pod 3 at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Support Center, the new state of the art facility for the physical collections. Right inset: a Pod 3 rolling storage corridor.