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Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Osteoware: Standardized Skeletal Documentation Software

Future Expansion Modules

The Osteoware project team is currently developing supplementary Taphonomy modules that will document peri- and postmortem Cutmarks on bones, as well as document partial and complete Cremation due to the direct or indirect effects of fire and heat.

In addition, the team plans to expand the collection of Postcranial Nonmetric traits beyond those recommended in “Standards”, and currently appearing on the first Inventory module page.

Please visit the Osteoware Forum to partake in dialogues shaping these new modules, or simply browse for updates.

Trepanation with an associated ‘false-start’ and no evidence of remodeling, suggesting the individual did not survive the procedure.

Amputation of the distal femur, with no evidence of remodeling, as a result of a comminuted fracture to the tibia and fibula. This suggests that the individual died during or shortly after the procedure.

Partial cremation damage to the cranium, with heat fractured teeth and zones of transition near the infraorbital foramena.